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Dog Services

In addition to dog day care and dog boarding, Cowtown Canines offers a variety of additional services to help your pet be his absolute best. While spending the day with us you can request that your dog get a bath, nail trim or brushing or even get his teeth cleaned – or maybe he needs to brush up on his manners. Read below for details on all the ways we can improve life for you and your pet.

Composure Class

Composed DogsComposure classes are for any of our fur-kids that are needing a little extra work on their manners and/or basic obedience.

A typical day in Composure Class will start with a few hours of play time with all our other daycare kids to help get some of the pent-up energy exhausted. After the Composure kids have played for a little bit, Aunt Brittany will work them individually in our Composure facility. Each dog will typically get a solid hour of one-on-one training with Brittany. After they have had their one-on-one time they will then be put into a Composure group where Brittany will work with them on distraction training. Once this class has been completed, they will then go back into regular daycare for the remainder of the day.

Commands used in Composure classes

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Off
  • Leave it
  • Come

How much does it cost?

Composure Class is $30/day per dog. This includes a regular day of daycare and training. Composure Class cannot be purchased through a regular daycare pass.

Puppy Introduction to Socialization

Do you want your new puppy to be socialized but your are not quite ready for your little one to be in full day play? Well we can help! Brittany’s dogs are very good at helping the newbies get accustomed to other dogs. During the puppy introduction process your baby will be able to hang out with Bull, Shelby, and Bruiser away from the daycare dogs. This will help your fur ball get acclimated to the daycare atmosphere at a slow comfortable pace!

At Cowtown Canines we are open to any and all ideas. If you are interested in any type of service for your pooch and do not see it listed please give us a call. We will see what we can do to better fit your needs.

Anesthesia-free Teeth Cleaning

Our anesthesia-free dental cleaning procedure is a safe, gentle, and affordable way to remove plaque from your dog’s teeth. Our anesthesia-free teeth cleaning procedure involves manual scaling of all exposed surfaces of the teeth (including the tongue-side surfaces) and of the gingival sulcus (the crevice between the tooth and the gum), as well as polishing of exposed enamel.

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Rehabilitation of Scared, Timid, Unsocial Dogs

Does your dog have a lack of confidence? Does he appear to be terrified when approached with new situations? If so Cowtown Canines can help. Over the years Brittany has rehabilitated dozens of rescue dogs of all sizes. From Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards, she can help them all. If you are interested in having Brittany help with your dogs confidence please give her a call.

Weight Loss Boot Camp

Did you know that by keeping your dog at a healthy weight you can add up to two years to their lives? Weight loss boot camp is a new program that we just started. If your dog is overweight and you would like some help getting those extra pounds off, we can help. The dogs are required to board with us a minimum of 10 days. We will go over your dogs nutritional needs with you, as well as their exercise requirements.

Spa Services

We offer a wide variety of spa services to clean up your dirty doggie after a long day of play or spending more time with us for a sleepover! If you do not require a full service groom, we can clean up your pup in-house. Give us an approximate time that you will be picking up your pup, and we will get him squeaky clean!

  • Basic Bath: $15.00-$20.00
  • Manicure (Nail Trim With Filing): $15.00
  • Cleaning of Eyes: $5.00
  • Cleaning of Ears: $5.00
  • Anal Gland Expression: $10.00
  • Flea Control Application: $18.00
  • Teeth Brushing: $5.00
  • FURminator Deshedding: $20.00

Note: All spa services are taxable.