Cowtown Canines FAQ

Dog day camp is supervised, unleashed all day play. Our camp counselors monitor, encourage, and regulate play between campers. Day camp is a healthy release for high energy dogs, a wonderful socialization method, and great exercise for our canine friends. Cowtown Canines provides a safe and healthy atmosphere where our puppy pals can play together all day, hang out in our doggie lounge, or run and romp in our outside play yard.

Our pups run, romp, wrestle, take naps or watch a movie in the doggie lounge. They play with each other and with our camp counselors. Doggie hugs, tummy rubbing, and ear scratching are on the agenda every day. Our camp counselors act as referees to monitor play and make sure each and every camper is having a dog gone good time!

These are really two separate questions; there is no minimum requirement for day campers (save for at least one day camp visit within the previous three months prior to a boarding appointment with us).

However, we recommend at least one visit per week for the sake of your dog. For many pups, this environment can be stressful until they get to know their new playmates. If you bring your dog on the same day(s) every week, they will generally have the same playmates. If you sporadically bring your dog, your pup can forget his new pals or will have an entire new group to get used to. This can be very stressful for your pooch.

On the other hand, five days a week can often be too much for many dogs, especially if they are not used to socialization and play five days a week, twelve hours a day.

Each and every camper fills out a thorough application form and goes through a temperament assessment and an evaluation day with our trained staff. Only dogs that pass the assessment and evaluation day are accepted into camp. Once accepted, the play groups are constantly supervised and the safety of each and every camper is our #1 priority. Our counselors make sure play doesn’t get out of hand or too rowdy. However, dogs play with their paws and teeth, so small scratches and nicks can happen.  If a serious situation were to occur, the injured pet will be transported to the nearest veterinarian and you will be contacted. Voice commands, squirts from a water bottle, and redirecting behavior are the most common methods of preventing problems.  Time-outs can be used to give an over-energetic pooch time to cool off and calm down. Negative reinforcement is never used at Cowtown Canines.

Cowtown Canines is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly every night with a cleaner and disinfectant specially formulated for animal care facilities, along with frequent cleaning throughout the day. Any spot cleaning is done with the same cleaner to instantly sanitize the area.

Our play yard is also cleaned and disinfected regularly with a Wysiwash, a product originally made for kennels that uses a dog and people friendly chlorinated tablet to keep our play area clean and safe.

Your dog can choose to play inside or outside while playing at Cowtown Canines. Our indoor play area is climate controlled so it never gets too hot or too cold for your pooch. Lying in our doggy lounge with the air and ceiling fans on is a favorite past-time for a few of our older guests! Our outside play yard has a large tree which provides lots of shade. We frequently get the pools out for our pups to splash around in as well when the weather is warm. (Our boarding guests sleep in the play areas and the temperature is regulated all night).

No. Your dog must pass the assessment and evaluation day to participate in sleepovers at Cowtown Canines, due to the fact that our boarding guests play all day in camp. Your pup must play in camp at least once within the previous month prior to a boarding appointment with us. This helps to ensure that your dog is familiar with the environment and the current campers before you go out of town, and helps us to make sure everyone will have  fun while in camp and be safe at the same time.

You need to bring your pups regular food and any medications. We encourage you to bring your dogs own bedding or blankets, as the familiar feel and smell will help adapt to his temporary environment. We will provide a large or extra large crates as his/her room. Please bring your pups food in a sealed container. The only items we ask that you do not bring are rawhides, giant beds that cannot fit in a standard washing machine, and food dishes. We will not give these items to your dogs while they are boarding.

Each and every camper must go through an assessment before they are allowed to complete their evaluation day and continue coming to camp. During this assessment, we meet with each dog and see how they react to meeting new people. If they are comfortable listening to us, then we do one-on-one introductions with regular campers. During these introductions, we carefully monitor their behavioral cues and their body language. In particular, we are looking for dogs that are happy to meet new play pals big dogs that can play with small dogs and small dogs that can play with large dogs, and every size in between.  We assess the particular breed and background of each dog, and watch carefully for any traits that may cause problems in camp. We will work with smaller dogs that may not be entirely comfortable with larger dogs as long as they do not snap or bite from fear.

No, you cannot. First and foremost, this would not be safe for the dogs. Introducing a novel stimulus to the pack (i.e. you) heightens arousal and could cause a fight. When our camp counselors change shifts, we have a very specific protocol for how to enter the playroom and interact with the dogs. Our counselors have gone to considerable lengths to get each and every camper comfortable with them, and bringing in strangers is unfair to the dogs and could introduce a bite risk. Plus some of our day campers are uncomfortable with people they do not know or certain attributes that we have (men vs. women, glasses, or a beard, for example). It is very important to us that this is a safe place where our campers can come to play and relax. In addition, the dogs act very differently when a novel stimulus is introduced than they do most of the day so it wouldn’t be a true picture of what goes on. Finally, our insurance would not allow this for obvious liability reasons.

The campers that are already here bark when the door opens (or when someone walks by the window, a plane flies overhead, or a loud truck drives by!). Some of our guys are very protective of their environment. Others are just excited that a new play mate is here.  And still others are upset that our camp counselor is paying attention to someone else (i.e. you) and wants to make sure we understand their dissatisfaction!

It is not very loud at all during the day.  The dogs will occasionally bark while playing, but bully barking (barking at another dog to get them to play) or barking for attention is not allowed.  However, at pick up and drop off times, the dogs are very excited and make sure to let you know!

We apologize for this inconvenience!

At Cowtown Canines, Day Camp is our primary service. Day Camp is all day, cage free play. Your pup gets to play for 12 hours a day in a safe, supervised setting, with lots of human interaction, hugs, and doggie play. They stay here overnight in extra large crates (meant for Mastiffs and Great Danes), in a climate controlled, secured environment. Day Camp is included in your boarding rate, since all of our boarders play in camp during the day.

Since were small, all of our boarders must play in camp with our campers. We encourage our boarding clients to come and play in camp all day before they stay the night to help ensure a tired pooch who will sleep the night away. Because of this, each and every dog must pass a behavioral assessment. Our sleep over guests each get a roomy crate, a soft bed, a peanut butter Kong, and soft music throughout the night. We pride ourselves in our safe and clean environment we provide for every guest.

Simply stated, we are more expensive than more traditional options because we offer so much more.

While we don’t recommend feeding mid-day while your dog is playing in camp, we will if that is your preference and it doesn’t give your pup a stomach ache.

We can give any medication needed, per your instructions. Since Brittany was a Vet Assistant for several years you can rest assured that you dogs medications will be given properly!

We are open M-S 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM, and are closed for day camp on Sunday.

Drop-off times during the week are before 10:30am and pick-up is before 10:30am or after 4:00pm. If at any time you would like to pick your dog up between the hours of 10:30am and 4:00pm we ask that you call a few minutes in advance so we can get your dog ready to go home. However, we do try to deter this because it disrupts the dogs greatly!

On Sundays we offer scheduled appointment times to drop-off or pick-up your dog at 7:30-8:30am or 4:30-5:30pm.

  1. Thanksgiving Day
  2. Christmas Day
  3. New Years Day

We may also elect to close on lesser federal holidays if we do not have more than 5 reservations for day camp. If you would like to attend on one of these holidays, make sure to let us know in advance so that we can assess if we have enough campers to be open for play!

  • An up-to-date application on file
  • Temperament evaluation and first “trial” day passed
  • Must be current on all vaccinations
    • Rabies and DHLPP – Both one and three year vaccinations accepted
    • Bordetella – Required within the past year.
  • Must be on a Flea Preventative (Frontline, Advantage, etc)
  • Must be at least 3 months old. Puppies must have 2 Dhlpp and a Bordatella vaccine
  • Dogs must have had no communicable diseases within the last 30 days.
  • Dogs must be friendly, social, and healthy
  • Dogs over 10 months of age must be spayed or neutered **
  • We ask that you wait a minimum of two weeks between the time that your dog gets vaccinated and the time they come into the facility.

** Surging hormones from non-altered dogs may overly excite other doggie guests & contribute to aggressive play, excessive mounting, snapping and other “growly” behaviors. We can make exceptions for the age limit of being spayed/neutered. Every situation is different.

If we have not answered any of your questions or concerns, or you would like us to elaborate on any point or policy that we have, please don’t hesitate to ask!