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Voted Best Dog Boarder in Fort Worth

Cowtown Canines is staffed by a knowledgable team of dog experts. They help ensure that fun is had while your dog experiences wonderful climate-controlled indoor-outdoor play facility, complete with doggie lounge, couches,
 and bouncy beds, located just minutes from downtown Fort Worth. Add our shaded outside play yard with pools, trees, and play sets, and that equals lots of fun, stimulating play for your barking buddy! 
We offer Dog Day Care, 24 Hour Dog Boarding, Dog Training, and much more! All dogs are welcome to come join the fun!

…and we were voted the best dog boarder/groomer in Fort Worth by readers of Fort Worth Magazine!

Meet the Staff

Brittany and Dogs

Brittany Pugliese – Owner

Cowtown Canines is owned by Brittany Pugliese. She has lived in Tarrant County for over 25 years. Her passion for animals began before she could remember. Growing up, she had every type of animal imaginable, including horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, turtles, and iguanas. Her passion for furry things soon blossomed into a life dream.

She knew from a very early age that no matter what, she would always work with animals, especially dogs. As soon as she was old enough, she got a part time job at a veterinary clinic and a pet shop, while also assisting training classes with her father’s non-profit organization, Shadows for Life.

Brittany went on to become a veterinary assistant for several years at an animal hospital in Arlington. She managed the kennel there as well and continued to assist with the Shadows for Life training classes, but something was still missing. She loved the Veterinary industry, but wanted another option for providing care for dogs when their owners went out of town.

That was when Brittany discovered Cowtown Canines. It was perfect. It was a way for her to combine all her knowledge and experience in one place. Brittany has owned Cowtown Canines since June 13th of 2008. It is her life and true passion.

Brittany dedicates her life work to her late father Michael Pugliese Sr.~Founder of Shadows For Life. He was her mentor and best friend and she wishes to carry on his life passions through her work!



My name is Kayla. I’ve worked with dogs for about 15 years and have been at Cowtown since Fall of 2014. Dogs are my passion and I couldn’t imagine working without them. When I was given a job at a vet clinic when I was 16, it transformed the way I see the world. Which led me to where I am now. I love my job and so glad I get to be a part of the Cowtown Canines Crew! I have two dogs, a 13year old Golden Retriever named Athos who is the love of my life, my soul mate. And a 2-year-old border collie mix named Emerald. She keeps me on my toes, but I couldn’t imagine life without her. I also have a foster fail which is my shadow. My 11-year-old son shares my passion and I hope he continues this love into adulthood.



My name is Lucy. I have a very outgoing personality and a very loving and caring heart, especially for animals. I am the type of person to strive to accomplish all of my goals and tasks. I have loved every moment of working at Cowtown Canines and cannot wait to grow with the company.



I’m Tyler. Family, Dogs, Soccer, Texas!