Shelby Mustang

Shelby Mustang... wetHowdy Y’all, I know my talkative brother already told you my name and how I got it, but I am Shelby Mustang. You can call me Shelby or even Midget! That is what my mamma calls me.

So mom wants me to tell Y’all a little about me! Well, lets see, my mamma got me when I was 5 weeks old from a friend of hers as an early birthday present. I stayed at my house for a few days and then went to stay with my grandpa for six weeks. My grandpa had told mamma to bring me over and he would do all of my house breaking, crate training, and basic obedience as her birthday present. So that is exactly what he did. I loved staying there cause my Uncle Rocky (chihuahua) was close to my size and we got to play all day. Plus my grandpa is a really cool guy! He taught me how to sit, lay down, heel, stay, and come on command. He’s pretty good at that training stuff.

Then one day, Grandpa called my mamma and said “Your girl is ready.” So mamma picked me up and I started going to work with her everyday. When I turned about a year old I started having some medical issues. I could no longer hold my bladder in my sleep. So they put me on a bunch of pills and even did a surgery that my grandma calls a butt lift! The surgery, pills, and prescription food fixed me. YAY! However, that was not the end of my surgery days.

My mama calls me her medical miracle. In the past 6 years I have had a total of 8 surgeries, 3 of which were major abdominal surgeries that involved 13 inch incisions in my belly! I have eaten my weight in rocks, my belly has flipped over and gotten stuck, I had a bone stuck in my intestines, and then I have all of these wierd bumps called subaceous cysts and spindle cell tumors. We spend a lot of time at the vet but my mama says I am worth every penny!

Nowadays, I go to daycare with my mamma everyday. I love it so much since I get to play with my friends all day. I am always in the back unlike my brother. You can usually find me snoozing on the couch or playing tug. All my friends say that I am really lazy because I will lay down and play tug! We also get to go to all of these fun events for Mastiffs. I get to see a bunch of dogs that look like my brother and I.

Oh yea, I forgot about my foster brothers and sisters. There have been a lot of them over the past  few years. I have loved them all, but Sassy Girl was my favorite. She was a mix of some sort, but boy was she a sweetheart. Any time she was tired she would always curl up beside me with her head under my neck. I was really sad when she left but I know she is having a blast in Missouri with her new family.

Then there are the Chihuahuas. It took me about a year to get use to Bruiser. My mama always use to say that I looked like and elephant running from a mouse! lol. Whatever that means….But I do know that Bruiser looks more like a rat then a mouse! 🙂 I love him now though. When he is not cleaning Bulls eyes, ears, and mouth then he is doing an inspection on mine. I don’t let him hang around my face too long cause it tickles and I think he is trying to play! I love that little guy though. He is so protective over all of us! Then there is this new guy that mom got for Christmas! I’m not too sure about him. He is really loud and has zero manners. Plus he is really rude when he uses me as a ramp to get up on the furniture. Any way, hopefully Bull will teach him some manners soon! He is a great teachers! 🙂 Well that’s about it, Hope to see y’all soon!