Michelle Pugliese

Michelle (Mama) Pugliese, Mike (Daddy), Brittany

Michelle (Mama), Mike (Daddy), Brittany

Hello, my name is Michelle Pugliese and I am Brittany’s mama! I met Brittany in 1999 when her daddy and I started dating and it was an immediate bond between the two of us! I have called her my daughter ever since! Everything I know about dogs came directly from Michael and Brittany Pugliese! Over the years I have assisted with just about every type of doggie duty that you can imagine. In 2004 Michael and I moved to Michigan to follow his passion of training service and therapy dogs with a company called Paws With A Cause. Sadly, we missed our families and wanted to be back in Texas. So we came home and founded the non-profit organization Shadows For Life! I participated in daily task of helping with the dogs training, keeping the facility clean, and my most favorite-puppy time! I absolutely loved my puppy time! You can ask most people in the dog world and they will say that of course they love puppies, but most prefer older dogs! Not me. I looooove my babies! Devastatingly in 2012 we lost Michael unexpectedly.  Brittany and I had to dissolve Shadows for Life because we just couldn’t carry on without Michael. A few months prior to Michaels passing we had started our own breeding program with two German Shepherds names Zues and Sasha! I still have these sweet babies today as a memory of my late husband. I also have Guiddo-who is Bruiser’s brother. The best part of my day is walking into Cowtown Canines and seeing the smiling faces of my kids and all the dogs! I love being able to continue to be a part of what we call “Daddy’s World”!