Hey guys! What’s up? My name is Baron and I have a pretty neat story for being such a young kid. You see my grandpaw Michael Pugliese Sr. was the founder of Shadows For Life. He trained service and therapy dogs for people with disabilities. Well all of the dogs he was training kept washing out of his program so Michael decided he was going to start his own breeding program. So he acquired my mom~Sasha and my dad~Zues and began his breeding program. On June 15th Shadows For Life welcomed 11 of us into their little world. Everyone was so excited. Right away 7 of my siblings were assigned to “team mates” and had homes instantly. That left 4 of us. Grandpaw had decided that he was going to keep 3 of us. So then there was one. Grandpaw being the funny guy he was started telling my two legged mama Brittany that she was taking the 2nd largest male. Brittany already had 5 personal dogs and told her dad that there was no way she was taking a German Shepherd. (They had this on going debate about the German Shepherd breed and how much time and attention they require-mom was a Mastiff person) He continued to mess with her about it daily and would say “when are you going to come get your dog?” Mom would laugh it off saying she needed another dog like she needed another hole in her head. This went on for a month. Well on July 24th my mom was getting ready to go on vacation and stopped by grandpaws on her way out of town. He handed me to her and said here ya go, what’s his name? Mom laughed and said Buttercup since all my boys names start with a B. She then explained to my grandpaw that she would keep me for 6 months and do all of my basic obedience and start my public access and then she was going to place me with someone who needed a service dog. Grandpaw winked at my mom and said “okay baby girl”.

Sadly my grandpaw passed away two days later from unexpected causes. My mom was devastated. My grandpaw was her best friend.

A few days later my mom was sitting on the back patio with all of her siblings and with all of us dogs. Her older sister Jessica picked me up and said “We can’t have this dog named Buttercup”. Mom laughed and said “Well, then what should it be? It has to start with a B” Jessica replied “Well, dad’s first German Shepherd from 30 years ago was named Baron” My moms eyes filled with tears and she said “Perfect, he’s my gift from Dad”

I’m sure you all figured out that I am  not going anywhere now. My mama calls me her guardian angel. She laughs at me all the time and is constantly saying “thanks dad”. For instance I like to dig and play in the mud. Well when mom lets me outside all my brothers and sister know to walk around the mud, I prefer to run over to the wettest part and dig dig dig. Theeeeennnnnnn I come running up to mama to show her how talented I am. I think this is hilarious. I guess she does too cause I always get a snicker and a “thanks dad”.

I have been told that I have some big shoes to fill. You see I use to have this big brother named Bully Bully. He was only around a short time once I came to live at my moms house. Everyone called him my mama’s soul mate. He was a beautiful brindle Bull Mastiff and was very majestic. Sadly he passed away October 22nd from a brain tumor. Everyone said Grandpaw wanted his grand dog with him! Bully Bully was loved by so many people and dogs. My sister was very sad when Bull left us and I knew I had to be a good brother so I didn’t leave her side for days. My mom knew then that I truly was a gift from Grandpaw and Bully.

See I told y’all I had a pretty neat story for being such a youngster. Any who….now a days you can HEAR me every day at Cowtown Canines telling all the kids how they should and shouldn’t be playing. Shortly followed you will my mom say “thanks dad”.  Hope you all come by soon to say hi!